May 12, 2015
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Beautify Earth

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Beautify Earth matches artitst, patrons, and donors with neglected wall spaces.

Conceived and originally funded by Executive Director Evan Meyer, this initiative started on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica (dubbed “Stinkin’ Lincoln”). Evan set out to prove that anyone is capable of making change and that the reward of giving back is inherently the highest form of compensation. Beautify Earth is now in a variety of cities using proven strategies and value sets to bring caring, art, color and love everywhere.

…a commitment inspired by the art and community spirit of Burning Man, and the street art mecca of Wynwood, Miami… we are Beautify Earth.

Beautify Earth has become an ongoing community project dedicated to making the world a better place, by bringing color to our neighborhoods and streets. Art has the capacity to inspire and convert frowns and apathy into smiles. When one drives down any street they have the opportunity of a joyful experience instead of looking at a dilapidated wall. Art creates change, turns a neighborhood into a community, and instills pride.

Abbott Kinney in Venice, CA, Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY, Heidelberg Street in Detroit, MI are areas that have been transformed due to public art and organic growth and investment. In Miami, Tony Goldman is credited for turning Wynwood around through his efforts and investment. You can be the one to spearhead such an initiative through your own personal mission and investment. It is time to take this concept worldwide to communities large and small. Beautify Earth has a program to help YOU be the leader of this change in your community.

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