Jul 23, 2013
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High Rice Flats

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It’s a difficult conundrum faced by many countries around the world – how to produce enough food for an ever-increasing population when land and space is rapidly running out.
But it appears China may have come up with an answer with its plans for space-saving vertical farms.
They may look more like tower accommodation blocks usually found in big cities, but these 187-metre-high skyscrapers would only be used to grow vegetables and fruit.

The plans to build in the vertical farms in Tai Po, Hong Kong, come after the country’s rapid urban expansion in recent years which has seen much of its usable farmland disappear.

Despite still having one of the largest agricultural outputs – feeding 20 per cent of the world’s entire population, only 15 per cent of all its land is suitable for farming and only around 1.2 per cent permanently supports crops.
And with its cities expanding in size by ten per cent annually since 2000, its farmland is becoming increasingly under threat.
This coupled with the world’s ever-expanding population has led to fears of future face food shortages action isn’t taken soon.

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